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I can earnestly recommend this product and congratulate your Company for finding and marketing the Moku-Derm Kigelia cream.

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Fritz Radda

I am a dermatologist in private practice in Pretoria. I saw an old patient of mine who has extensive solar keratoses (sundamage) on the face and scalp. Over the years I have treated many sun spots and skin cancers for him, particularly on the scalp. Today I saw the most amazing thing. He was given your Kigelia cream and has been applying it to his scalp for about 2 months. He scalp has never been so good! In 17 years of treatment with regular western medicine, nothing has been as spectacular as his results with the Kigelia. I am VERY impressed!

Marianne Duvenage

I received a sample from my local pharmacy a month ago and since then I bought a tube of the Kigelia Gel as well and I could not believe the results.

I used it for Solar Keratosis on my arms and forehead and after a month’s use, the spots on my forehead and arms have nearly disappeared.

Connie Jordaan

In 2002 I was given some of the cream by a friend visiting Queensland from Auckland, NZ, who had used it under direction from a Doctor who also used it himself to remove a number of melanomas. My friend had been using it for some time to remove melanomas, and as I was diagnosed with a melanoma on my face by a Doctor, who wanted to operate within 2 weeks, and leave me with a large fresh scar just prior to my grandson’s wedding – I decided to try the cream, and delay the surgical removal. It worked almost immediately by the melanoma reacting angrily crusting up and lifting off my face. The first scab lifted off and left the 3 white roots exposed at skin level, so I continued to put the cream on and it lifted the roots right out of my skin, leaving no scar, 6 weeks later when I flew to the wedding. I was amazed, but my friend just accepted it as normal when we told him.

I have used Kigelia cream on diagnosed melanomas on both my late husband and myself – I come from a family prone to melanomas, my Father was diagnosed in the late 60’s and had a large one surgically removed along with lymph glands, my Brother had a number removed in 1974, my Cousin died with 11 across his back – too late to save him, early 70’s my Niece was diagnosed with one in exactly the same place I had one surgically removed 2 years earlier. Our family information was included in a book written by Dr. John Rymer, from Australia, on melanomas in families.

I have never visited a dermatologist, but all have been diagnosed by medical professionals. Each time I use the cream I have the same reaction – a very angry and crusty explosion of the melanoma.

Carol Macaulay

After having used Moku-Derm (Kigelia) cream for more than a month, I have had astounding results. All the spots diagnosed as skin cancer and which did not respond to any other treatment, have totally dissapeared.

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Allen Handley

A fifty year old femail patient came to see me last month suffering from severe facial canker sores which had been exacerbated by cauterization which had infected them.

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Dr Kim Hilne

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

da meines Wissens nach der Produzent der Kigelia Cream ein Deutscher ist, schreibe ich diese Mail lieber in Deutsch, um Sie nicht mit meinem schlechten Englisch zu belästigen…

Zu meiner Person: Ich bin 71 Jahre alt und als ehemaliger “Berufs-Naturmensch” recht fit.

Ich hatte seit vergangenem Jahr im Schinenbein-Bereich einen verdächtigen, runden dunkelbraunen Fleck von etwa 17 mm Durchmesser. Dieser Fleck änderte sich flächig sporadisch und wies auf der Oberfläche schorfähnliche Stellen auf. Diese Stelle habe ich nur sehr selten mit – sehr dünn aufgetragener – Kigelia Cream behandelt. Andere Mittel verwende ich generell nicht ! In diesem Jahr kam am gleichen Bein im Oberschenkel-Bereich ein mit gut 10 mm sehr dicker, aufgewölbter leberfleck-artiger Fleck hinzu, der auf der Oberfläche kleine “Blumenkohl-artige” (Hautkrebs?) Wucherungen entwickelte. Wieder habe ich zunächst nur selten Kigelia-Cream aufgetragen, dabei aber gemerkt, dass sich als Folge davon bei beiden Flecken Veränderungen einstellten.

Das veranlasste mich, beide Flecken 1-3 mal am Tag mit Kigelia Cream zu behandeln. HEUTE – nach einigen Wochen – kann ich sagen, dass beide Flecken fast völlig verschwunden sind. Selbst den krebsartigen am Oberschenkel kann ich nur noch als minimalen roten Fleck ausmachen, der sicherlich demnächst ganz verschwindet.

Ich kann also nur die oft gehörte positive Wirkung der Kigelia Cream bestätigen und Ihnen dazu das Kompliment machen, dass Ihr sog. “Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis” sehr gut ist. Wir haben die Kigelia-Cream bereits vielen Freunden in Deutschland mitgebracht bzw. hier in S-A empfohlen. Man kann der Salbe nur eine weitere Verbreitung wünschen !

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Dr. Wolf-Eberhard Barth


I am extremely happy with your products. I am using them mostly for acne and find that they really do reduce the annoying breakouts that I suffer from.


I would like to thank all of you for a wonderful product in KIGELIA SHAMPOO. I am now 66 years of age and I have had psoriasis for more than 40 years. I have tried scores and scores of products over the years and while travelling to more than 100 countries on business I have never come across such a wonderful product. I now do not need any conditioner whatsoever and I can now go 3 days without treatment but do wash every other day with just a tiny drop first to wash the hair and then another like a follow up if you will.

I kid you not when I can say this is the most wonderful scalp treatment I have ever used and you can use this any way you so wish for marketing purposes.

In closing, if I was ever to go more than 2 days without using the other stuff my scalp would be raw, itchy, pimples etc. Now, it is as if I have a brand new scalp!!!

I await to hear from you and so many thanks once again.

Ross and Marie Tuck

As an agent for Mokuti products, I personally had a very positive experience with Moku-Derm Gel in that one of my merchandisers, Mr. Peter Mathibe, had a problem with severe lesions on his scalp. There must have been 10 angry lesions that all appeared at once on his scalp. He refused to expose them and wore a “beany” all day every day. I suggested that he treat the scalp with Moku-Derm Gel twice daily and to sleep with the Moku-Derm applied to his scalp. Within 1 week of the first application the lesions had all healed and he was a different person. Thank you for bringing such a great product to market.

Barry Jankelowitz

Thanks for your help.

I bought your cream and it is working wonders.

I was very sceptical at first but I am amazed how well this plant extract has improved my skin. I have had eczema for 30 years and this is the first time my skin has looked so good without cortisone.

My skin is for the first time not worrying me. WHY DO THE DOCTORS NOT PRESCRIBE THIS???? It simply is not fair. They will dispense cortisone in cream, pill and injection but not a natural product that works far better.


First of all I would like to congratulate the person who found such a fantastic solution. I suffered with Eczema for 9 years on my arms legs and face, I was very conscious of this and would not let anyone see my skin as it would weep and bleed. I visited skin specialists and tried a number of steroid creams to no prevail, I had sleepless nights itching and used to put my fingers through gloves trying to scratch. I went to my local chemist to ask for advise on anything else I could try as a last resort. He told me to try the Kigelia Cream which I did. Within three months it had all cleared other than the scaring which I will always have but the skin healed and I had the confidence to wear summer clothes for the first time. That was 3 years ago and still the eczema stays clear if a sign begins I use the cream and it never breaks out.

Julia G.

Hello, we have spoken a few times about the Kigelia gel for my father, Joseph. It is such a fantastic product and is the only thing that helps his psoriasis, he has had it for almost 10 years and with your gel it has cleared up within a few weeks. Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance.

Kerstin Miller

I was referred to you by my ex girl friend Summer Rayne Oakes who speaks very highly of your products. I am a type 1 diabetic who also unfortunately suffers from psoriasis on my neck, face, and scalp. I have been using your product – the Kigelia Shampoo and Body Application but am running out! I would like to order 6 more of them as they work incredibly well with my skin. Unfortunately I haven’t found any alternatives – the only other thing I am prescribed is Ketoconazole which is horribly acidic and damaging. Please let me know if you can ship to my address in Manhattan NY as I would be eternally grateful.

Kyle Fisher

Einen schönen guten Tag

Ende Februar war ich mit meinem Bruder auf der Biofach und Vivaness in Nürnberg und da brachte mir mein Bruder (der einen Sohn mit Neurodermitis hat) ein Muster Ihrer Kigelia Creme mit. Anfangs dachte ich mir,ok,gut,nehmen wir mal mit und dann habe ich sie in den letzten Wochen ausprobiert und bin begeistert . Zur Erklärung : Meine Gesichtshaut ist seit einem Jahr extrem schlecht geworden und sich immer wieder entzündende Ekzeme und Pickel plagen mich. Nun,sobald ich ihr Gel verwende habe ich das Gefühl das alles abschwillt und die Entzündungsherde nicht mehr so aktiv sind bis zur Verheilung. ich habe gesehen das man ihre Produkte nur über eubiotica beziehen kann . Hierzu eine Frage: sind die Innhaltstoffe dort in der Creme die gleichen wie in der kleinen Probedose von der Messe?

Ich würde es sehr sehr gerne weiterverwenden da ich da es mir wirklich weiterhilft und ich schon ganz begeistert bin.

Ich würde mich über eine Antwort ihrerseits sehr freuen

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Felicitas Straub

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